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Different massage techniques, specially developed for each person, provide relaxation, harmony, softness and balance. Body and mind in a healthy conjunction.


Swedish Massage: massage with cream scented with essential oils. It can be relaxing or decontracting depending on the intensity.


Shiatsu massage: Japanese massage technique, which means pressure with the fingers. It restores the circulation of energy in the meridians, relaxes, harmonizes and makes muscles and joints more flexible.


Geothermal Massage: the combination of hot and cold stones is ideal to relax tense muscles: improves circulation, softens the skin, harmonizes the chakras, giving a pleasant sensation of relaxation.


Ayurvedic massage : Hindu massage performed with almond oil, flavored with droplets of stimulating, soothing or harmonizing essential oils. Provides a state of balance.


Chinese Spheres Massage: performed with sound spheres, harmonizes meridians, unblocks chakras, relaxes the muscles and calms the mind.


Reflexology: consists of foot massage, acts on the reflex areas achieving a balance on the body.


Thai Massage with Yoga: combines the best of yoga and massage. It is done on a mat with comfortable clothing. It is adapted to the needs and desires of each person. It can provide amazing results in reducing stress, relieving discomfort, and creating deep feelings of relaxation.

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